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Home Owner's Corner
Choosing a Roofing Contractor

Before installing a new roof or having repairs or renovations made, it is
important to carefully evaluate the contractor to assure the job is done
properly. Below are things you may consider in choosing a contractor:

  • Check for a permanent place of business, telephone number, and tax
    identification number.

  • Look for a company with a proven track record that offers client  
    references and a list of completed projects. Call these clients to find out
    whether they were satisfied.

  • Insist on a detailed, written proposal and examine it for complete
    descriptions of the work to be done and itemized prices including exact
    square counts and payment procedures.

  • Have the contractor explain the project supervision and quality control
    procedures.  Request the name of the person who will be in charge of
    your project, how many workers will be required, and estimated
    completion time.

  • Carefully read and understand any roofing warranty offered, and watch
    for provisions that would void it.  D. Bassett Roofing & Repair offers a     
    5 year Workmanship Warranty for all re-roofing projects.

  • Be skeptical about lowest bids or those considerably lower than the
    others written for the same work.  If it sounds too good to be true, it
    probably is.  Many below-cost bids seem attractive, but these
    contractors often perform substandard work. Remember, price is only
    one of the criteria for selecting a contractor.  Professionalism,
    experience and quality workmanship should also weigh heavily in your
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